Monday, January 31, 2011

"Once More, With Feeling" is Up!

Finally. After a loooooong upload on Vimeo, M2 Motion Pictures's first film is finally available to watch in all its HD glory. The full description:

"San Franciscan acting hopeful James 'Kilo' Rolfe (Jason Zavaleta) isn't in the most content position. After six failed auditions with the local performing arts associations, James has lost almost all hope in his abilities as an actor. Recently, he's been given a seventh shot at making the big time. As he prepares for audition no. 7, members of his family and friends look back at Kilo's life and how much of an impact he's made in their lives.

This is the first film under M2 Motion Pictures, an amateur production company centered in the San Francisco Bay Area. It debuted on June 2nd, 2010 during the 2010 Las Lomas Film Festival. As the founder and president of M2 Motion Pictures, I sincerely hope you enjoy.

Directed by Max Marriner
Edited by Josh Jalil
Starring Jason Zavaleta, Dylan Drovdal, Shane Labowitz (among others)"

-M. Marriner
Founder and President

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