Monday, February 14, 2011

Updates + "Once More" Now on Youtube!


Wanna know why I'm so gosh-damn happy? Because the writing for M2's next film is DONE! Now, it's time for casting, buying props, filming, editing...

Also, "Once More, With Feeling" is now up on Youtube! ...Which  really isn't that exciting, now that I think about it...


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our Brand new E-Mail Address!

Hey Guys,

As M2 is rapidly expanding, we've decided to open up a brand new e-mail address. Want to join us? Sign up for an audition? Have a comment about one of our films? Call us gay? Now, it's all possible with an all-new e-mail address!

Yeah, it's been a boring couple of days.

You can email us here. For those of you who want to mark it on your address books, the full address is

-M. Marriner
Founder and President